The Inaugural Savvas Kourea Cup: A Night to Remember

On a mild summer evening, 31st January  2024, the football community gathered at Jack Edwards Reserve for a special match between Bentleigh Greens and Oakleigh Cannons, marking the first Savvas Kourea Cup.

A Tribute to a Legend

The event celebrated the legacy of Savvas Kourea, a pivotal figure in Bentleigh Greens’ history. Savvas’s family, alongside supporters from both teams, came together not just for football, but to honour a man who significantly impacted the club and its community.

He was one of the legends of The Greens who led the club in its rise from 4th division of the Victorian League in 1989 to the Victorian Premier League in 1995 and was president until 1999. Even the mild summer sun decided to honour this gentle giant, our lifelong friend Savva Kourea.

A Night of Unity and Football

The atmosphere was charged with anticipation and respect as fans filled the stands. The match was played with 90 minutes of intensity befitting the new season’s preparation, reflecting the passion and commitment Savvas Kourea was known for.

Oakleigh Cannons emerged victorious with a 3-0 win, but the night was about more than just the score. It was a celebration of football, the legacy of a remarkable individual, and the strengthened ties between two proud clubs.

Moving Forward

With Oakleigh Cannons holding the inaugural trophy, the focus turns to the future. The commitment is to grow this event, honouring Savvas Kourea’s memory and the spirit of community and competition he embodied.