NPL Boys and Girls results update 30.06

U14 Boys – 1 Glen Eira – 1

A tough test for the boys, who drew one all on Sunday. Previously, Bentleigh had lost to Glen Eira 3-2 in qualifying, and 1-0 in the first round. Coach Pas considers the result a positive, as his side is showing signs of improvement with stronger performances against teams that previously bested them. Bentleigh took the lead into half time, having majority of possession. Glen Eira drew level late from a long throw, leading to a miraculous shot from a tight angle.

U15 Boys – 2 Glen Eira -2

In a seesaw contest, Bentleigh were rescued by a miraculous goal with the last kick of the game to secure a draw. In a game where chances were plentiful, the boys hit the crossbar three times in the first half. Scores level at level at half time, Coach Mich asked the boys to dig down deep and find something to take the lead back. After being on the back foot in the first half, the momentum swung in Glen Eira’s favour after a penalty gave them the lead. The boys would not lay down and go down in a third straight loss. Within the final moments of the game, a shot for Bentleigh came off the crossbar, and back to a player who converted with the last kick of the game.

U16 Boys – 3  Pascoe Vale -7

In a high scoring affair, Bentleigh were out run late by a dominant Pascoe Vale. A strong start gave Bentleigh a 2-1 lead twenty minutes into the first half. Pascoe Vale showed their class as they took the lead 3-2 into halftime. Coach Kosta was watching from the sidelines after receiving a red card the week before, Technical Director Frank took over the halftime talk. Bentleigh looked like wrestling back control when they equalised 3-3, yet Pascoe Vale found another gear and piled on the goals. Defending set pieces was ultimately the boys Achillies heel, as Pascoe Vale scored in quick succession from them.

U17 Boys – 1  Glen Eira – 3

A tough loss for the Under 17s to a strong opponent, as the boys knocked were knocked over early in the game. A fast and aggressive pressing Glen Eira put Bentleigh on the back foot early. Through out the first half, the boys were looking for the confidence to play an adventurous ball, yet the oppositions pressing made it difficult. Down 2-0 at halftime, Coach Chris reiterated that playing a long ball in order to counter Glen Eira’s pressing, was not the football they wanted to play. Bentleigh found a late consolidation goal, and fought hard to pull themselves back into the game.

U14 girls – 0 Beaumauris – 5

A hard result to swallow for Coach Billy’s girls, going down by five against a strong opponent. The message delivered to the girls before the game was to defend hard in the first 20 minutes and absorb s much pressure as they can. However Beaumauris’ players physically outmatched the girls, as they used their speed to score on the break away. Down 4-0 at halftime, Coach Billy wanted the girls to think of the game as nil all, and just look to get one goal for their efforts. The taller more athletic Beaumaris took their foot off the pedal and finished with one goal in the second half.

U16/17B girls – 1 Sandringham – 3

Conceding early in the game, the girls showed great character against a strong opponent in Sandringham. Coach Anthea’s girls were depleted early on, as four girls did double duty in playing for Charlie’s team before their game. With key players already tired, Sandringham struck with two early goals. There was a strong display of character from the girls at half time, as Anthea said she was taken aback by how agitated and fired up the girls had become. The choice to play a back three with an extra forward paid of with a late goal, yet the girls were frustrated by their lack of conversion.

U16/17A girls – 0 North Geelong Warriors 4

The fast-starting North Geelong showed just why they’re on top of the ladder. Coach Charlie was weary of just how easily North Geelong can score, electing to play five at the back to hold off their attack. Missing key players, Charlie borrowed some girls from Anthea’s side to ensure they had enough speed to keep up with the athletic Warriors’ players. Believing the girls could still find a result, Charlie told the girls that its within them to humble North Geelong and that they are still in it. The Warriors found another gear in the second half, over running the girls with two more goals.

U19 Girls – 3 Fawkner SC – 3

The high flying under 19s were challenged by Fawkner, giving up a two goal lead late in the second half. The girls were at their free-flowing best, taking a 2-1 lead early in the first term. The chances kept coming late in the half, yet poor conversion meant Bentleigh could not add to their lead. After putting away a chance early second half, Coach Frank said the girls left the door open” for a Fawkner comeback. Being forced on the back foot from Fawkner’s formation change to five forwards, Bentleigh conceded two goals to force them to share the points. Coach Frank said the game was a good hit out, yet lack of conversion cost them the three points.

Written by Aiden Zeccola